Tadas Kuskys

Thanks Mark for your lessons,you teach me a lot of things,how to be safe on the road,be calm with my nerves,never give up an do what you need to do. Highly recomend Mark as instructror,he explained every situation you are in,make everything clear and understanding,choose Mark and his driving school school.Thanks again Mark for your support.Well done!

Mercedes Blackstock

Thanks Mark…. for your time patience and understanding .. I could never have done it with out you … I’d recommend you 100% ….

Rachel Blackstock

I’m so impressed with the quality of service my daughter received…. I would recommend you to everyone …. Thank you mark

Lisa King

Can’t thank Mark enough for helping me pass my test today! Was with a previous instructor before and failed my test a couple of times and lost all confidence in my driving ability. Now I enjoy driving and have actually got my licence definitely recommend.

Kerri O’Neill

Mark passed me almost 6 years ago and I’ve always recommended him since, I was with a terrible instructor before hand &I phoned mark who took me on straight away. I passed first time with mark & He has now gone on to pass my other half first time today � so professional. Always have an always will recommend mark to anyone wanting to get on the roads.

Zac Gibson

Highly recommend mark if anyone is looking for lessons! I’ve enjoyed my time while learning with him, I passed first time and that’s because mark pushed me to extremely lengths because he knew I could do it but also made it a fun experience! Mark may come across harsh at times but he’s straight to the point because he wants you passed and on the road driving safely. I can’t thank him enough for helping me through it all and believing in me that I could pass! So anyone reading this an the other reviews, use mark ( Alert motoring ) for your lessons! He will get you passed 🙂

Joann Pixton

Mark is a brilliant instructor he did exactly what he said he would do. I passed my test with flying colours and NO minors. He was very approchable and easy to talk to. I would certainly reccomened him to anyone and am going to book my wife lessons with him as he will make her feel comfortable. Thankyou mark for all you did your blinding mate.

Paul Tyler

Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor than Mark, not only is Mark a great instructor but his a genuine man who wants the best for his students! Glad I chose to go with him and I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking to take lessons �, thank you again mark and will see you on the road!! � all the best!!

Charmaine Mainey Edwards

Mark is a fantastic instructer! My partner passed and when i get round to doing mine most defo going to him! If he can ever fit me in with his busy schedual �

David Paul

Mark is a great instructor and will give you the points and confidence to be on the road, he makes you see driving in a different aspect and makes it fun to learn so you feel comfortable behind the wheel, he tells you straight on where you are and will give advice when needed i would recommend to others. He is an amazing guy.

Delaney Roblin

Mark taught me and got me through my test, made me feel very comfortable with driving and explained every thing to me very clearly, was very very happy with his teaching and would highly recommend! X

Tyler Smith

Mark is the best driving instructor on the island he helped me today to pass my test on the 2nd attempt and the test was easy because of the way mark teaches. There probably is waiting list to begin lessons with him but it is definitely worth the wait

Mattew Rush

Mark is a brilliant driving instructor, there will almost certainly be a wait before he can fit you in for lessons but I can promise you that it is worth the wait. There is a reason he is so busy.

Some people would say he can be harsh, but I think he strikes the perfect balance. He makes you feel comfortable in the car, and through his calm demeanour he gives you the confidence that you need from the first time you sit in the car, to the moment you climb in to do your test.

Driving with Mark is something you will find yourself looking forward to, and the fact that he teaches in a very nice car certainly does help. I always enjoyed my lessons, even when I made mistakes. They were always learning opportunities and Mark never shouted or made you feel like you couldn’t improve.

I’ll always be grateful for Mark for getting my motoring life going and I recommend him at every opportunity, because with someone this good, everyone should have the opportunity to learn from the best.

Jake Summers

Thank you very much for getting into shape boss legend mate !!

Jadi Cruickshanks

I really can’t believe that yesterday i passed my test which i never thought i’d accomplish especially with my neves! I couldn’t thank Mark enough for everything he has helped me achieve and for making me a lot calmer to complete my test. I’ve always struggled with having patience and waiting around and this is another thing that mark has worked with me to help me be safer on the road. I’d highly recommend this driving instructor to anyone without fail, you will always feel at ease and enjoy your lessons whilst learning the rules of the road. Again I really can’t thank Mark enough and I really couldn’t have done it without him especially being as blonde as I am, I’m surprised he managed to cope with me sometimes. By far the best instructor on the island!

Karena Stacey (Andrew Browning)

Can’t recommend mark enough both me and my partner passed with him! Patient and makes sure your ready for your test without palming you off

Chloe Delasalle

Cannot thank mark enough for what he has helped me achieve over the last year! First passing my theory 1st time and then practical 1st time too! He has been a big help and has helped me a lot, helped with my confidence when driving and helped calm my nerves! Top driving instructor and would 100% recommend!

Jerome White

I can’t express how happy I am with the service I received from Mark, he’s not only an exstremely talented driving teacher who teaches to an very high standard, he’s extremely nice and a good laugh you’ll never be bored on one of his lessons. I came to Mark having never driven a car before and at the start of my lessons I thought I would never be able to even get close to a test let alone pass one, but every week he’d push me little by little, until I got to a comfortable stage then throw something new into the mix, which makes you up your game as a driver as you never know what will happen on the road. Looking back on my time with Mark it is surprising how far I have come as a driver, he’s helped me stay calm and collected in the vehicle and feel safe on the road. I highly recommend learning with him.

Dene Lewin

Nice bloke,very clear instructions,highly recommended thanks Dene Lewin

Belle Jones

After years of putting it off I realised that I finally needed to actually learn to drive to make life easier for my family, many reviews & a lot of my friends recommended Mark to me so I joined the waiting list & decided to wait for an availability rather than going elsewhere as I gathered that all the high reviews must mean something.
I was a nervous wreck when I first started out with Mark, I had absolutely no confidence what so ever behind the wheel & I especially didn’t believe in myself that I would actually become a driver one day.
Turns out that after just a short couple of months of having lessons with Mark I actually managed to pass not only my theory test but my practical test too! And both first attempt!
To say I was over the moon was an understatement!
Mark has amazing teaching skills & a very clever way of boosting confidence & moral!
For anyone who is nervous or overwhelmed with the thought of driving I highly recommend giving Mark a call, believe me you won’t regret it!
Huge thank you to Mark, who has completely changed my life!!