Chaise Issitt

I made the mistake of starting my driving lessons with a bad instructor who made me cry after every lesson leaving me with no confidence. I switched to Mark and found that I enjoyed and was capable of driving. All through Covid he has got me through my lessons , squeezing me in when he can and helping me with my nerves. Couldn’t recommend him enough , don’t waste your time looking around, go with Mark!!!!

Poppy Dale

Mark helped me pass my test first time ! A great driving instructor who will always help you when you have a question. Would recommend him to everyone!

Jay Aviolet

Top bloke. Very thorough. Worth the money. Top man 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Teresa Harris Boag

I highly recommend Mark. He’s professional and a patient teacher. Refreshingly focussed on safety rather than pass rates. My first-choice instructor for my kids.

Shanece Dewey

Couldn’t thank mark enough for all the hard work time and effort he put into getting me passed over 3 years i was learning, right from the start he was patient with my anxiety he knew exactly how to calm me down and keep my nerves in tact! Couldn’t of done it without him!! By far the best instructor on the island!

Chloe Sharkie

Would highly recommend Mark, was so nervous when I first started driving but he calmed me down and taught me everything I needed to know with driving! Even got me passed first time, couldn’t be more thankful!

Sian Luckhurst

Highly recommend Mark, when i first ever got in his car i was a nervous wreck, wouldnt go over 10mph. Im now so confident in myself. Thankyou so so much Mark for helping change mine and my boys lives

Lisa Poppe

Mark is a fantastic instructor and is very much worth the waitlist! His tuition is professional but friendly, teaching not only the safety aspects but the view of the examiner too. Thanks to Mark’s methods my son passed first time with zero minors. Mark’s stats really do speak for themselves! Would highly recommend.

Alex Coleman

Would recommend Mark to anyone wanting to learn to drive, he will do his best for you to gain your confidence on the road but at the same time pushing you to progress. He is patient and will listen to you as to what you feel as though you need help with. Couldn’t of passed my test first time with only two minors without him!

Helena Janice Sone Davis

Honestly couldn’t of done it without mark. He gave me the confidence and support that I needed. For someone that is so nervous about driving mark helped me overcome my fears. And put me at ease. If your thinking of going with a instructor definitely chose alert school of motoring. Thanks again mark. When I thought of giving up you pushed me to do this and the result was the best one!

Fiona Redman

Mark is amazing! I passed 1st time with 2 minors with him. Not only has he given me the confidence to drive safely but I used someone prior to him who really didn’t have a clue what they were doing! Mark has shown me how to drive safely and not just to pass my test! I had massive confidence issues and mark helped me overcome them all. He is a great teacher and you really do get a 5 star service from him. I would not of been able to do this without him. His waiting list is completely worth it especially if you want to pass first time! I cannot recommend him enough. Thank you again Mark for my amazing lessons and for giving me full confidence!

Alexander Hutton

I definitely would recommend alert school of motoring Mark always pushed me to be my best. All I can say is thank you Mark for being an amazing teacher.

Kieran Smith

Would always recommend the alert school of motoring ahead of any other driving instructors out there, Mark helped endlessly with any kind of nerves leading up to the test and helped keep me calm and ready for my test!!

Lisa Walker

I can highly recommend Alert School of Motoring to learn to drive.
I was a nervous driver and I had lots of fears when I first started to drive with Mark. He remained professional, reassured me and pushed me to believe in myself even when I was at my worst and that many times I wanted to quit from my nerves but he stayed in a calm manner and would talk to me to discuss those fears and ways to help me.
The vehicle was cleaned to high standards during this pandemic and along with instructor and pupil wearing facemasks whilst on lessons for safety.
I passed my test on the 29th October first time and will be forever grateful and now have a more positive approach to driving and freedom that I’ve always wanted. Thankyou Mark!

Daniel Harrison

Would definitely recommend mark is a very good instructor as well as patient, not only does he teach you how to pass the test but also how to drive comfortably and confidently

Owen Bloor

Mark helped me every step of the way on the lead up to my test, from the very first lesson to the last he was very patient, he didn’t try to rush me but pushed me to always do my best and to be at my best at all times. Although COVID got in the way of my test, he helped me get back into my lessons quickly and got me test ready, he pushed me and put so much time and effort in to help me be at my best ready for my test and although I had a dodgy lesson just before test, he helped me to believe in my ability and have confidence that I could do it and to come back stronger and better. With Mark’s help, time and patience I passed my test first time with only three minors, I’ve now been driving over a month, thank you Mark for all you help in getting me on the road and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to start driving wether it be a child, sibling, parent, friend or other family member.

Liam Irvine

Would recommend highly, gave me a lot of confidence when driving which helped me pass my driving test first time. The only bad thing is that he supports West Ham

Charlie Butcher

There is no one else I’d rather learn to drive with other than Mark. Top bloke and incredibly patient, he had me passed first time, he is a great laugh but a very honest and straight talking person, worth every penny. Go to Alert school of motoring, don’t over think it.

Shannon Beers

Brilliant instructor! helped me to pass first time! very helpful and couldn’t have passed without his knowledge!

Maddie Anne Wyles

Mark is an amazing driving instructor! ❤️ I had my test come through just 8 days ago, after not driving for 2 months due to Covid 19.
Today I passed my test, First time with just 2 minors! 🚙 would highly recommend doing your lessons with mark, thank you again mark! You have changed my life🚗❤️