Jack Sydney Courtney

Top bloke and knows what his talking about easy to talk to and learn from. Not out for money like most instructors now day. And if your willing to listen and take on what he says you should pass easy with alert 👌would definitely recommend and use him again. Thanks again for getting me in and out so fast. With a pass of corse 🙏

Sean Thompson

What a guy! I came to Mark with absolutely no confidence and passed today after failing 4, 5 or 6 times (honestly have lost count lol!).

I don’t have a clue how he managed to pass me and I won’t ever understand, he’s just a magician!

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’ve come from, your mental state because Mark will get you passed. Don’t waste your time or money with anyone else, go ALERT! Every minute and penny you spend with Mark is so so worth it!

You’ve changed my life Mark! Thank you!

Sean T

Harshit Shah

I must say Mark goes above and beyond for his pupils. He understands the need for each pupil and trains them accordingly. Very passionate about what he does. He just does not help pass driving test but makes us better and responsible drivers and that’s what matters at the end of the day. Thanks for all your help Mark.

Ash Keohane

Highly recommended instructor,
Mark managed to get me through the test stage no problem

Kantalada Gebbie

I would highly recommend Mark as an excellent driving instructor. I came to Mark after being failed twice by a another driving instructor, He helped me bring my confidence back up in driving and believe in my self again. He did not just teach me how to drive properly but he also taught me how to be patient and be a safe driver on the road.

As I have been taught by a different instructor I would say Mark is 10/10, he does an effective job as a driving instructor. I became better at observation, all manoeuvre and normal driving. I have passed my test with only 2 minor faults in 1st time with Mark so thank you so much for teaching me. It’s been a pleasure. See you on the road!

Spencer Tooley

Highly recommend mark as a driving instructor, best one by far, the best at what he dose

Hannah Kingsley

Before meeting Mark no one could even teach me how to pull off in a car and now with a bit of his magic I’m a very safe, confident driver and I could never have asked for anyone better to have gone through the journey with me

Rebecca Wilson

I would highly recommend mark as a driving instructor. I first come to mark after being failed by a another driving instructor, my confidence was rock bottom. Mark helped me bring my confidence back up in driving and believe in my self again. Best driving instructor, has a lot of patience and is very fair in learning me or anyone to drive. Thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test

Rea Whelan

after going with a different instructor and then coming to mark I really believe he is the best at what he does, so thorough, always has patience and goes out of his way to make sure you have the best understanding of what your expected to be doing, could not recommend him enough �

Riley Whelan

Brilliant driving instructor would recommend to anyone, told me I’d pass first time and I did, easy to learn with and worth the wait

Ryan Thfc Soper

Would highly recommend this bloke to anyone he’s a top bloke not only a good driving instructor but a passionate one who makes learning to drive enjoyable ���

Aston Lowe

Just passed first time with mark, he’s a fantastic driving instructor would recommend

Joshua Harrison

Passed first time with mark, would recommend to anyone. He managed to boost my confidence as a driver as I was messed about with other instructors before. Can’t give him enough credit for all the effort he has put in.

Adam Read

Mark is a cut above. He not only is a wonderful driving instructor he also has an ability to fully understand his pupils individual needs to get them ready for the road.

I was lucky to have been taught how to drive by Mark and after all the drama of canceled tests and changing test centres last minute he helped keep me level headed and focused.

Mark is a huge advocate of preparing you for not only your test but for real world safe driving. I cannot recommend him enough to anyone who is considering learning how to drive.

It does not matter what level of experience, your confidence or if you have had bad experiences in a car before. He is in my mind the best instructor in the region.

Kim Harvie

Omg I’ve just passed 1st time with Mark, I would definitely highly recommend him to anyone, it’s taken me some time to get here but if it wasn’t for Mark pushing me, I would of kept putting it off, I have had a few instructors in the past but it seemed like Mark was the only 1 pushing me, thank you once again Mark I bet you glad I’m out the door now lol

Courtney Hurley

Mark was an excellent instructor who taught me how to drive safely. Couldn’t of had a better instructor, I felt comfortable and relaxed in the car with him and he helped me to get my license!! Thankyou so much

Liam Harris

Passed first time with Mark, he was a dedicated instructor who helped me pass my practical test first time but he also went out of his way to help me with the theory too. He helped to make me feel confident while driving and he’s one of the easiest people in the world to talk to. When I passed he was so happy for me which showed he truly cares about his students and the results they get! Thank you so much Mark!

Aaron Smith

Mark is a excellent and very patient instructor when I went to him after my other 2 driving instructors done pretty much nothing for me he taught me everything within a few lessons. The one thing with mark is he doesn’t give up or just let you get on with it and always remembers what you did last lesson I totally recommend him as your first and only driving instructor. YOU WILL PASS. It’s been a pleasure for me to be taught by him and I have enjoyed it also. he’s like a mate so now I have passed there is a seat empty grab it while you can he’s in high demand as he is the best instructor on the island. one last thing. Thank you mark.

Grant James

Just passed first time with mark today. I highly recommend him as a driving instructor. I don’t think I could of felt more comfortable and relaxed whilst learning to drive beside him. He pushes you to your limits and gets the best out of you for the best results. He’s a great guy. Couldn’t go wrong. I enjoyed every minute driving beside him.
Thank you mark!

Martin Jenkins

I cannot recommend Mark and Alert School of Motoring highly enough !
6 stars !
11 out of 10 !
When I started my training with Mark at Alert School of Motoring I think it is fair to say I was at rock bottom! I had been trying to get my licence on and off for well over 10 years. 
My confidence was shaken and my nerves were shot. I absolutely hated driving !
Mark turned all that around from the outset he was incredibly perceptive as to what I needed in order to help me move forward and tailored my training around that. Which along with his especially calm demeanour and teaching style soon had me relaxing and before I knew it I was looking forward to getting into the car and driving.
Marks teaching is brilliant he combines a really good balance of complete professionalism with a down to earth no nonsense but very calm and friendly approach to driving. Each and every lesson no matter how challenging I found it, I always came away with a sense of achievement. Feeling that I had progressed and was moving closer towards my goal. Mark makes things simple and straightforward. For example manoeuvres which previously had seemed to be made up of multiple confusing steps were striped back to just a few simple easy stages which worked like a dream ! For everything Mark always had a little tip or trick that just made things fall in to place.
You can always rely on Mark to keep you safe. He is always one step ahead of you, as though he has a sixth sense and eyes in the side of his head ! This takes a lot of worries away and pressure off. However at the same time he’s always challenging you never letting you get complacent, you never feel like he’s driving for you and there are no boring or repetitive lessons. Mark’s always building your skills and moving you forwards ever closer towards that pass !
You can tell that Mark enjoys what he does for a living and takes a real pride and joy in seeing his pupils succeed.
Thank you Mark so much for what you have helped me to achieve.
You have helped change my life for the better.
If you can teach me to drive and get me through my test the way that you did you can do the same for any one !