Lennon Riches

Passed first time thanks to Mark. Highly recommend using Alert School of Motoring

Ross Edwards

Thank you mark for helping achieve a first time pass!
Always high quality teaching from mark and would highly recommend to anyone 👍

Emma Bates

Thank you Mark for helping me to Pass first time! Ever since I was 17 I’ve been wanting to do driving, but never gone through with it, you finally gave me the kick up the bum that I needed at the age of 30.

Kieran Adams

Mark is an amazing driving instructor, stuck with me until I passed my test (first time!) even though I’m sure he was frustrated with me at certain times.
Knew exactly how to help in any situation and talk me through the processes on how to drive and pass your driving test.
Throughout my time with Mark, he was always extremely kind and friendly, with lots of experience he’ll surely help anyone pass their test.
Would recommend.

Hollie Sharkie

Passed first time 😁 I can’t thank mark enough to get me where I am now. Being a very nervous person I am mark was always calm and helped me achieve something I never thought I could.
Thank you Alert School Of Motoring for giving me the opportunity to pass and have the independence I needed.

Francesco Vegas Armadillo

Mark is a strict instructor but a great teacher. He ensures everything is up to high standard and puts the safest drivers on the road. Would recommend to anyone looking to learn. Thank you Mark!

Daniel Day

mark is a great teacher and has helped me gain confidence in my driving, very patient and helpful. would recommend.

Jak Slaughter

1st time pass for me today. Thank you so much for being patient with me. Highly recommended. *******

Jake Philpott

Little bit of a wait for lessons but I can confidently say it was worth it, mark is very is to get along with and explains everything very well so learning comes very easy, his patients and understanding helps a lot when it comes to the test day, there nothing but positives that have come out of learning with mark, I highly recommend learning with him and I definitely had a pleasure doing so. Pasted first time with him and couldn’t be happier

Oliver Moss

Waited a long time to have lessons with Mark and cannot express how much it was worth it. An amazing instructor who actually teaches you to drive, not just pass the test, and does so with ease. 10/10 totally worth the wait.

Ryan A Moore

I previously had driving lesson prior using Alert School Of Motoring and what a waste of money and time… I contacted Mark and told him of my situation and to see if he could help me and help he did, he has a great skill in letting you no what he wants from you and how to drive safe and correctly to get a pass, I fully recommend mark to anyone who WANTS to LEARN how to drive… all in all 10/10 in all sectors as a driving instructor… 💯🚘

Oliver Harrison

I passed my test first time with mark and he made it super easy and chill and would highly recommend. One of the best instructors around.

Rosie Delasalle

Would highly recommend learning with mark. Passed me first time and managed to put my nerves to ease on the day of my test.

Ryan Gilbey

Just passed my driving test first time with Mark and he made it super easy for me. Really patient, chill and always tells you how to improve. He makes the lessons more challenging which makes the test feel like a walk in the park

Jack Day

im a person that has struggled with anxiety and alert som helped with that for my driving so all thanks to Mark Kingsnorth been a lot of fun as well cheers and could not recommend enough to anyone to go with mark so good with people and will always tell you strait and not beat around the bush

Brendan Woolley

Mark is a very thorough instructor and will work hard to ensure all students are on track for a pass when taking the driving test.

Sian Bryony

I recently passed my test with Mark and Alert School of Motoring and I cannot recommend him enough!! I was initially a very nervous and anxious driver that was scared of other road users but I am now very confident and drive my way up the A2 to work everyday!! Thanks so much Mark.

Victoria Burns

Mark was an excellent teacher for my son, completely understood his needs (ADHD) and helped him gain confidence driving and made him feel comfortable behind the wheel. Highly recommend, son passed 1st time with 1 minor. Thank you Mark

Tyler King

Mark is an excellent driving instructor he got me ready for my test and never let anything slip always corrected what went wrong
Thank you mark

Riley Furness

Brilliant instructor, always focused on the student while driving. Didn’t waste time. I was driving on my first lesson and wasn’t stuck in a car park learning the basics. Straight forward, calm and collected. Gave me confidence when I needed it and helped me whenever I would panic.
Glad I waited for Marks Availability, he’s as good as people say he is. I passed first.