Brayden Giebel

Mark from Alert School of Motoring is outstanding. He has an excellent teaching style and made me feel very comfortable behind the wheel of the car. He had me test ready in the timeframe I was hoping for and I could not recommend him enough!

Dan Joseph

I highly recommend Alert School of Motoring. if you’re thinking of learning to drive and definitely worth the possible wait. Mark is a very approachable guy who you can have a good laugh and a chat too but also serious when needed! Not only does he teach you how to drive on your test, Mark gives an easy understanding on day to day driving! I’ve personally struggled to get the job done with previous instructors, Mark has managed to get the job and test done 1st time round! 5 stars to this guy!

Karen Hutchinson

So, where do I start? A year ago my baby girl reluctantly started her driving lessons. She was nervous to say the least! I contacted a few driving schools and went with Alert School of Motoring. He showed patience and encouragement as well as empathy towards Crystal who was scared stiff of driving “out on the big road”. His attitude and experience with young drivers gave her the confidence she needed to complete this journey. And today she did just that. Completed that journey with a pass at first attempt. I would recommend Mark Kingsnorth without a doubt. Thank you so much for all you’ve done over the last year and may you continue to help and keep others safe on the road! Consider this another job well done!! Thanks again Mark, it’s gonna cost us a few quid now!!

Frankie Roberts

Would highly recommend Alert, made the experience very easy for me and gave me great confidence on the road.

Dave Jackson

excellent instructor tells u as it is builds you up to be the best you can be makes you feel very confident 12/10 may have to wait as a busy man but well worth it couldnt done it without you mark thanks again

Bethany-Rose Ford

Passed first time! I couldn’t recommend Mark enough. As someone who deals with anxiety, my nerves have been through the roof. Mark has been so patient and has taken the time to talk and work through my anxieties with me. The wait is completely worth it, its been one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you so much:)

Courtney Marie Newton

I would recommend Mark as a driving instructor, he gave me a lot of confidence with my driving and helped me believe that I could pass

Jon Edwards

Mark is a fantastic driving instructor. He made me believe in myself. I am so happy that I passed! Would 100% recommend. He is the best possible person for the job

Patricia Dalton

what can i say other than mark is brilliant at what he does. he goes above and beyond every time and no two lessons are the same. ive learnt so much since driving with mark and he’s built my confidence up so much from when i first started driving with him. I’m so glad he had the time to teach me everything i know when it comes to driving, and another first time pass its a huge achievement for pupils to pass their tests but its also a huge achievement for mark because it means his doing his job extremely well. thank you for everything couldnt have done it without you! 👍👍

Calam Saunders

Great instructor friendly patient and a great laugh might have to wait but well worth the wait would 100% recommend. Thanks for everything Mark

Joe Cordwell

Would highly recommend using Mark as an instructor, with a lot of patience and perseverance to help you improve your driving ability and confidence on the road.
Mark challenges you with difficult lessons, which he knows you’ll be able to get through, which helps you progress in your skill and gain knowledge of how to adapt to a range of scenarios. The high standard of teaching speaks for itself, teaching you how to drive safely and confidently.

5⭐️, best instructor you could go with, highly recommend

Brook Davey

I would highly recommend Mark as an instructor, he really helped me with my nerves and gave me confidence to get my test done after nearly 3 years of learning, anyone looking for lessons give mark a message!

Rory Amos

I would highly recommend mark learning with him feels like driving around with one of your mates with the banter but don’t get me wrong he will tell you where you went wrong with a brilliant story or scenario behind it and I will be surprised if you hear the same one twice 😂
Definitely worth the money and I would be very surprised if you didn’t pass first time and kinda missing your lessons after passing
I honestly can not think of 1 bad thing to say about him

Glenn Hinds

Good to get along with donw to earth and good at helping /training you on driving and have a good laugh thanks you mark

Carys Marsden

Mark is a brilliant instructor, with so much patience. I cannot stress enough how much he helped me and the confidence he filled me with. And to pass first time is amazing! Only started this April. Highly recommend!

Casey Greene

Started taking lessons with Mark about a month before my driving test. He helped me build up my confidence when I felt like I wasn’t ready and I ended up passing first time.

Shaun Pilkington

brilliant teacher and highly recommend Mark, exactly what you need in a driving instructor… thanks again.

Jack Smith

Highly recommend mark, I’ve been with driving instructors in the past but they was no where as good. Always made me feel very calm and reassured, 100% recommend Mark 👍🏼

Richard Jones

Can’t thank Mark enough.. got our Son through his test in 3 months and he passed first time ….


Ben Jones

Just passed first time, I had no nerves going into it due to Marks brilliant techniques to keep me cool, calm and collected. Mark has got to be one of the nicest and calmest people I know and I loved every second of learning with him, even though it was only 16 hours from scratch he has turned me from a nervous driver to a driver capable of passing first time, 100% would recommend👍👍