Courtney Hurley

Mark was an excellent instructor who taught me how to drive safely. Couldn’t of had a better instructor, I felt comfortable and relaxed in the car with him and he helped me to get my license!! Thankyou so much

Liam Harris

Passed first time with Mark, he was a dedicated instructor who helped me pass my practical test first time but he also went out of his way to help me with the theory too. He helped to make me feel confident while driving and he’s one of the easiest people in the world to talk to. When I passed he was so happy for me which showed he truly cares about his students and the results they get! Thank you so much Mark!

Aaron Smith

Mark is a excellent and very patient instructor when I went to him after my other 2 driving instructors done pretty much nothing for me he taught me everything within a few lessons. The one thing with mark is he doesn’t give up or just let you get on with it and always remembers what you did last lesson I totally recommend him as your first and only driving instructor. YOU WILL PASS. It’s been a pleasure for me to be taught by him and I have enjoyed it also. he’s like a mate so now I have passed there is a seat empty grab it while you can he’s in high demand as he is the best instructor on the island. one last thing. Thank you mark.

Grant James

Just passed first time with mark today. I highly recommend him as a driving instructor. I don’t think I could of felt more comfortable and relaxed whilst learning to drive beside him. He pushes you to your limits and gets the best out of you for the best results. He’s a great guy. Couldn’t go wrong. I enjoyed every minute driving beside him.
Thank you mark!

Martin Jenkins

I cannot recommend Mark and Alert School of Motoring highly enough !
6 stars !
11 out of 10 !
When I started my training with Mark at Alert School of Motoring I think it is fair to say I was at rock bottom! I had been trying to get my licence on and off for well over 10 years. 
My confidence was shaken and my nerves were shot. I absolutely hated driving !
Mark turned all that around from the outset he was incredibly perceptive as to what I needed in order to help me move forward and tailored my training around that. Which along with his especially calm demeanour and teaching style soon had me relaxing and before I knew it I was looking forward to getting into the car and driving.
Marks teaching is brilliant he combines a really good balance of complete professionalism with a down to earth no nonsense but very calm and friendly approach to driving. Each and every lesson no matter how challenging I found it, I always came away with a sense of achievement. Feeling that I had progressed and was moving closer towards my goal. Mark makes things simple and straightforward. For example manoeuvres which previously had seemed to be made up of multiple confusing steps were striped back to just a few simple easy stages which worked like a dream ! For everything Mark always had a little tip or trick that just made things fall in to place.
You can always rely on Mark to keep you safe. He is always one step ahead of you, as though he has a sixth sense and eyes in the side of his head ! This takes a lot of worries away and pressure off. However at the same time he’s always challenging you never letting you get complacent, you never feel like he’s driving for you and there are no boring or repetitive lessons. Mark’s always building your skills and moving you forwards ever closer towards that pass !
You can tell that Mark enjoys what he does for a living and takes a real pride and joy in seeing his pupils succeed.
Thank you Mark so much for what you have helped me to achieve.
You have helped change my life for the better.
If you can teach me to drive and get me through my test the way that you did you can do the same for any one !


Jake Crawley

When I started lessons I was scared to drive, I’d crashed my car and didn’t think I’d ever drive again. It only took a few lessons with Mark and I was comfortable to be in the drivers seat again. Learning to drive is one of the best things I’ve done.

Guido Spocchia

Well where do I start !! I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me mark!! Without you I would not have done this today. !!!!!!
I would highly recommend mark to anyone who wants to past there test. Mark is the most professional instructor I have drove with he makes you feel so confident behind the wheel . So yet again thanks Mark look forward to seeing you on the road !!!!!

Jamie Brightman

Brilliant instructor lovely bloke would recommend to any one

Claire Louise Taylor

Just passed first time with mark after only 24 hours of driving he’s so good at his job.if you want a good instructor then marks your man. Very professional and very friendly.the best instructor ever so patient makes you feel so comfortable.thankyou for everything you have done for me.

Rachel-Louise ‘Martin

Highly recommend Mark to anyone whose looking at learning to drive, he has the patience of a saint! I learnt with him for roughly 8months and passed first time, he put my nerves at rest and made me realise I can do anything if I put my mind to it! He’s a great laugh in the car and makes you feel comfortable. He’s definitely always right!

Millie Jackson

I would highly recommend Mark to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, he made me feel at ease when I felt nervous and was very patient. He helped with my confidence by being so positive when I didn’t believe I could do it. Thanks Mark!!

Kye Gooch

When picking a driving instructor I was looking at reviews online & Alert instantly caught my eye & I can see why! Mark is genuinely a nice guy & so easy to a get on with but at the same time very professional & I’d highly recommend Mark to everyone who is looking for an instructor!

George Davis

Thanks mate for all you taught me if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t of done it. Best instructor on the island highly recommended

Jake Crosby

I would recommend mark to anyone who want’s to learn how to drive and how to drive the corrext way he is brilliant i really enjoyed my time learning with mark he is a top bloke, he is very easy to learn with its just like driving with a mate in the car whenever your with him he has very standards and that shows with the patience he has with each learner and his knowledge on different road is great he really is the best on the island and also his results and reviews say more than i could ever say thanks again mark

Kai Dadswell

So here you get what you pay and wait for.. coming from a guy starting with minimal experience behind the wheel (me) the journey with alert has broaden the my eyes and end resulting in my options open for a better career and just making every day life now simple. The method of teaching isn’t just sit and listen, it’s a let’s get you going because if you want it enough then we’ll. . The tools (his brain and knowledge & hours in his car) are going to get you this life changing skill! I’m not kissing arse but what I have gained and learned and now have is beyond something I felt I would ever achieve. Trust me.. simplistic, reliable and your gonna pass!

Lewis Shrubshall

Recommend to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Such a helpful, calm and informative driving instructor, absolutely brilliant!

Bronwyn Morgans

Highly recommend Mark to any new driver, every lesson is calm, fun and always making you feel at ease. When I started I didn’t have much confidence but now I’ve passed I feel very confident in my ability to drive safely it’s been a pleasure learning with Mark

Robyn Knights

Honestly cant fault mark one bit absolutely fantastic driving instructor will miss the laughs

Chris Bater

Fantastic driving instructor would defiantly recommend, great experience and the best on the island by far!

Becky Blanks

5 stars and more if it would let me! Mark is a fantastic instructor and would recommend him to anyone. The passion and love he has for the job is clear to anyone and he won’t stop until he is 100% satisfied that you (as a learner) are completely ready and competent not just to pass the test but out there on the roads yourself!
By learning with Mark you will in no doubt become a confident, safe and alert driver!
He makes you feel completely at ease in the car , easing away any nerves you might have had- but never once does he switch off!!
If you want to learn and become the best possible driver you can be (not just one who scrapes by passing a test) then 100% invest your time and money into Mark and his company- you won’t be dissatisfied.
A big thank you to you Mark for giving me my independence and confidence on the road! Have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent learning with you! Be happy, and keep smiling you’re doing a grand job!