Our New Website Has Been Launched!

We have just launched our new website! We are updating our tired and old looking website to a new, clean, professional and better functioning one that actually allows us to update it more regularly (so, watch this space). We wanted to reflect our design on our vehicle more and to have a website that we could keep current.

Our previous website had lasted us for many, many years and as some of you will have seen had a few problems with it. Whilst our last website served us well for a time, it started to become very dated recently as it didn’t work well on mobiles or tablets. Nor did it allow us to go in and make changes to the content or images without a having to get the previous developer to make those changes for us. We also felt that it didn’t reflect our professionalism very well either.

We were left with many mistakes by our previous developer such as contact forms linking off to the wrong email addresses etc. Because we couldn’t make the changes ourselves, this became a bit of a problem for our business. It was time consuming to have any issues fixed or changes made (not to mention a costly one) and we received some very poor advice on how to best market our website. Hence the decision to just rebuild it and have a high quality and professional web company to do this for us.

We can now update our website quickly and provide even more valuable information to people. We will be adding content and articles frequently over the next few weeks and months. We hope you will find our content useful, particularly if you are looking to pass your test soon. Feel free to visit again soon as we increase the usefulness of our website to you.