2017 Stats

During 2017 Alert School Of Motoring helped 33 pupils achieve their goal to get a full licence.

48 tests
18 First time passes.
15 at the 2nd attempt.

Learning to drive is a decision you have to make yourself. It is not a decision someone else can coax you into doing, in fact if you are doing it to please someone else then you are doing it for the wrong reasons. This is a commitment you have to make.

To succeed, you are going to have to sacrifice time out of your week for lessons, you are going to have to make a financial commitment. Learning to drive is not cheap, it never has been, however when you pass your test, your licence and the freedom and opportunities that open up for you will last you the rest of your life.

If you decide to start learning, be prepared to study the theory, don’t underestimate the importance of the theory test. You will need the information and rules you learn to keep you safe when you are driving on your own,. People who travel in the car with you will also depend on your knowledge and car skills to keep them safe as well.

Don’t listen to other people’s claims about how long it took them to drive, it has no bearing on YOU. It doesn’t matter if your Uncle Joe passed in 10 hours 40 years ago, the roads, the cars and the test were different then. Ask him to try a mock theory test, that always gives people a wake up call.
If you decide to learn commit to it, treat it the way you would a school or college course.

I will support you through every stage of your learning journey, but you have to do your part. You have to be motivated, committed, be realistic about how you learn, as I said earlier, YOU are not your friend. YOU are unique, so there is no easy answer to give you when you ask “How long it will take!”.

I look forward to helping you reach your goal in 2018!