Experienced Drivers

Qualified drivers will always learn new skills in their daily driving.

No driver knows everything, no matter how long they have been driving bad habits and complacency quite often become the cause of mistakes.

Quite often these drivers avoid certain situations, such as motorways, country lanes, reverse parking, night time driving or the snow and ice !!

Alert School of Motoring can give you the confidence boost you need to face these situations head on. We will tailor a course suited to your needs and to fit in around your needs and requirements.

We have lots of courses available in motorways, country lanes, reverse parking, weather conditions or maybe just a confidence boost on unfamiliar roads for a new job or house move.

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Have you been disqualified from driving?

Alert School of Motoring have the right course for you, our experienced instructors can help if you need an extended test. We never judge you on your actions as everyone makes mistakes, we are only interested in helping you achieve your licence and provide you with the skills you need to make the right choices second time around.

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